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    2021 – Year of ?

     - New Design  - 2021 – Year of ?

    2021 – Year of ?

    My 2021 Calendar – Year of _____________________ (You decide. . . fill in the blank)

    Last January, I mailed 2020 calendars to my clients. The message at the top of the calendar said, “good year.” How could I have known what 2020 had in store for us — coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing, Zoom meetings, online shopping, grocery delivery, curbside pickup, more Zoom meetings, outside dining, Facebook Live Sunday Worship, home schooling, lots of hand sanitizer, and masks!


    We missed so much — holidays, graduations, vacations, summer cookouts, and birthday parties — all cancelled or made smaller. My grandchildren and I missed visiting our local libraries, museums and Lake Compounce.

    But, we found new ways to celebrate, with drive by birthdays, lawn signs, banners, chalk art, scavenger hunts and Zoom parties. We found new places to visit — farms, parks, and walking trails. We took walks, had picnics, discovered new trails, played ball, rode bikes, and walked some more!

    Some parts of 2020 I could do without, but, so much of 2020 I’ll never forget. In many ways it still was a “good year.” My calendar for 2021 lets you choose what you’d like your year to be — 2021 Year of ________________________ (you fill in the blank).  I hope your 2021 brings back some of what you missed and keeps the good that you found.

    Let me know if you would like to receive my 2021 calendar. 


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      Bob Carr

      “year of possibilities”

      January 25, 2021

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